Windows 11搜索功能更好用了 但仍有改进空间

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Windows 11 系统的全新搜索界面现面向所有用户开放。该新界面引入了名为“Search Highlights”的新功能,皆在突显例如每日头条、热门快讯之类的重要信息。这些信息均由 Bing 提供,并且会根据用户偏好推荐用户感兴趣的热门话题和重要信息。

Windows 11搜索功能更好用了 但仍有改进空间

例如,假设今天是 World Penguin Day(世界企鹅日,4 月 25 日),Windows Search 就会展示和企鹅相关的重要事实。同样,搜索还将突出显示全球和您所在地区的假期或其他活动等时刻。

微软表示,它希望通过 Windows 搜索向用户提供“丰富、大胆和互动”的内容,搜索亮点将在未来几个月内得到进一步增强。目的是分享来自 Bing 的有趣插图,帮助您发现新的事实,让您保持联系并提高工作效率。

自然,如果你觉得并不需要这项功能,也可以在设置中关闭 Search Highlights。当您关闭后,Windows 搜索将显示建议的应用、必应的快速搜索和热门应用。

Windows 11搜索功能更好用了 但仍有改进空间


Windows 11搜索功能更好用了 但仍有改进空间

此外,Microsoft 承诺通过从您的工作和学校帐户中获取个性化体验来改善体验。不幸的是,Windows 11 的搜索仍然不支持 Windows 10 上提供的反向搜索功能。

Windows Search 并非完美无缺,它经常无法在搜索结果中显示正确的项目。例如,当用户搜索应用程序时,搜索会显示来自网络的结果,而忽略本地结果。这证明了 Bing 集成并不总是最好的主意。微软官员已经证实,该公司正在努力改进 Windows Search,其中一个最新的预览版本包括额外的修复,以加快搜索速度。

微软表示:“现在在任务栏上的 Windows 搜索框中搜索应用程序和设置比以前更快、更准确”。在最新版本中搜索现在稍微好一些,但它仍然存在问题,有时它无法提供与搜索查询相关的准确结果。在下面的示例中,Windows 搜索在结果中显示 Steam 应用程序设置文件,而不是应用程序本身。

Windows 11搜索功能更好用了 但仍有改进空间

For example, if today is World Penguin Day (World Penguin Day, April 25), Windows Search will show important facts about penguins. Similarly, the search will also highlight moments such as holidays or other events around the world and your region.

Microsoft said it hopes to provide users with "rich, bold and interactive" content through Windows search, and the search highlights will be further enhanced in the coming months. The goal is to share interesting illustrations from Bing to help you discover new facts, keep you in touch and improve your productivity.

Naturally, if you don't think you need this feature, you can also turn off Search Highlights in the settings. When you close, Windows search will show suggested apps, Bing Quick search, and popular apps.

As you can see in the screenshots above and below, the search interface is evolving to be more like a start menu, making it easier and faster to find something. For example, you can easily find an application on the home page of your search without having to search for the application in the taskbar or start.

In addition, Microsoft promises to improve the experience by getting a personalized experience from your work and school accounts. Unfortunately, Windows 11's search still doesn't support the reverse search feature available on Windows 10.

Windows Search is not perfect, and it often fails to display the correct items in search results. For example, when a user searches for an application, the search displays results from the network and ignores local results. This proves that Bing integration is not always the best idea. Microsoft officials have confirmed that the company is working to improve Windows Search, and one of the latest preview versions includes additional fixes to speed up the search.

"searching for applications and settings in the Windows search box on the taskbar is faster and more accurate than before," Microsoft said. Search in the latest version is slightly better now, but it still has problems, and sometimes it doesn't provide accurate results related to search queries. In the following example, the Windows search displays the Steam application settings file in the results, not the application itself.