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Today’s society, both online and offline, is a face-watching society. Confident people will think they are beautiful and handsome, while people with low self-esteem will feel ugly. But how on earth should a face be normal? A project sponsored by the European Union will answer this question for you. On the site, the content that needs to be judged (or even some unexpected content) will be analyzed through your camera and the video explanation on the right, and the final analysis results will be given. The website needs camera analysis, and there is no problem with mobile phones or computers with cameras. Some people may be very concerned about privacy, but the website claims that it will not upload any data, after all, it also comes from a privacy-conscious place like the European Union, so there should be no problem. The results of the evaluation can only be used for reference, although this is a face-watching society, but the social interaction between strangers does not look at the face, the beauty of the soul is fine.

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