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Freeplay Music是世界上最值得信赖的制作音乐库之一。凭借各种高质量的音乐和世界一流的客户服务,我们拥有来自世界各地的客户,他们在从个人网络视频到主要网络电视广播和主要故事片的所有内容中使用我们的音乐。除了我们为客户提供的音乐外,Freeplay Music自2001年成立以来也一直处于音乐行业创新的最前沿。
2013年,Freeplay Music与YouTube达成了一项协议,该协议彻底改变了人们在互联网上使用音乐和视频的方式。根据这项新协议,Freeplay音乐库中的所有曲目都将免费在YouTube上使用(仅限个人使用)。
最重要的是,我们在Freeplay Music非常关心我们提供的音乐以及使用我们服务的客户。我们设计的网站旨在提供最易于访问和易于理解的许可流程,我们的实践客户支持始终很乐意在需要时提供帮助。

Freeplay Music is one of the most trusted production music libraries in the world. With a wide variety of high-quality music and world-class customer service, we have clients from all over the world who use our music in everything from personal web videos to major network television broadcasts and major feature films. In addition to the music that we provide to our clients, Freeplay Music also has been at the forefront of innovations in the music industry since its inception in 2001.
In 2013 Freeplay Music entered into an agreement with YouTube that revolutionizes how people use music and videos on the internet. Under this new agreement, all the tracks in the Freeplay Music library will be FREE for use on YouTube (personal use only).

Most importantly, we here at Freeplay Music care deeply about the music we provide and the customers who utilize our services. We've designed our website to provide the most accessible and easy-to-understand licensing process possible, and our hands-on customer support is always glad to assist whenever needed.

Whatever your music needs may be, we're here to meet them.




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