Republic of Singapore

Republic of Singapore

新加坡共和国政府(Republic of Singapore)是东南亚中南半岛的一个城邦岛国,该网站是新加坡的行政机构,由总统和内阁组成。尽管总统可自行行使职权,确保内阁和国会照常运作。


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  新加坡共和国政府(Republic of



Government of the Republic of Singapore (Republic of

Singapore) is a city-state island on the Indo-China Peninsula in Southeast Asia. The website is the administrative body of Singapore and is composed of the President and the Cabinet. Although the President can exercise his own authority to ensure that the Cabinet and Congress operate as usual.

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Generally speaking, the cabinet is responsible for guiding and controlling the government. The cabinet members include the Prime Minister and other cabinet ministers appointed by the President in consultation with the Prime Minister. They all come from the party that won the most seats in the general election. According to the Constitution of Singapore, Singapore has an one-house parliamentary (cabinet) government, a unitary system of representative democracy and a Westminster system. The three powers of the government of Singapore are separated, and the President of Singapore is directly elected as head of state for a term of six years and can be re-elected once. Members of the Singapore Parliament are also elected for a term of five years. The Prime Minister is elected from the majority party in Parliament. His cabinet has executive power, and an independent Public Service Commission oversees the recruitment and punishment of civil servants. The Prime Minister of Singapore elects cabinet ministers from among MPs. – the official website of the Singapore Government.

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