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大图网成立于2011年6月,大图网由几位素材爱好者一起组成的个人团队协同创建,大图网(属于个人非营利性网络素材分享平台,网站的广告收入和会员捐助费用主要用于网站服务器购置和带宽的费用维护和对素材共享者的奖励。 大图网(致力于高品质设计素材下载分享,内容涵盖矢量素材、高清图片、PSD分层素材、淘宝素材、印刷设计稿、剪贴薄素材已经设计经常使用的字体,更注重影楼新品素材,第一时间为您奉上近期展会模板,让您不出家门就可拥有知名摄影店相册效果。 大图网大多为免费素材,为您节省更多金钱与时间,也会有一部分收费素材,一部分所得用于作为会员整理上传自己素材的补助,一部分作为服务器购置、托管和下载带宽购买等网站运营费用,为您提供一个稳定、优质、好用、海量的素材工具式网站;在保证每天素材数量的同时,素材的品质也会一直延续,我们秉承”宁缺毋滥”的理念,为广大设计师打造您举足轻重的珍藏图库。 is a personal non-profit network material sharing platform. The advertising revenue and member donation fees of the website are mainly used for the purchase of website servers, maintenance of bandwidth and incentives for material sharers. is committed to high-quality design materials download and sharing, covering vector materials, high-definition pictures, PSD layered materials, Taobao materials, printed design manuscripts, scrapbook materials have been designed frequently used fonts, pay more attention to studio new materials, the first time to present you with the recent exhibition template, so that you can have a well-known photography shop photo album effect without leaving home. Datu is mostly free material, which will save you more money and time, and there will also be some fee-based materials, some of which will be used as subsidies for members to organize and upload their own materials. part of it is used as website operating expenses such as server purchase, hosting and download bandwidth purchase, providing you with a stable, high-quality, easy-to-use, massive material tool website. While ensuring the quantity of material every day, the quality of the material will continue all the time. We uphold the concept of "rather lack than abuse" to create an important collection gallery for the majority of designers.





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