商业早报-2022年7月28日 星期四 云南多个城市酒店订单量同比翻倍增长

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14、多家硅片公司接连涨价 光伏产业链影响几何







21、工信部:上半年我国规模以上互联网企业业务收入保持正增长 利润总额降幅进一步收窄





Business Morning Post: Thursday, July 28, 2022

Domestic part:

1. In the past 10 days, Meituan takeout national ice cube sales increased by 182% over the same period last year, of which edible ice cups are the most popular products. Beijing, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Tianjin became the cities that bought the most ice cubes

2. Meta's first meta-universe white paper: meta-universe market may exceed US $80 trillion

3. "Camping script Kill" is the first to rise in a group of second-and third-tier cities, and a new wind has emerged in the tens of billions of literature and travel market.

4. Wuling officially launched nucleic acid sampling cars, the first batch of which will be shipped to Shanghai for use.

5. The first one outside Europe: the Airbus aircraft Lifecycle Service project started construction in Shuangliu, Chengdu, with a total investment of not less than 6 billion yuan.

6. Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Ministry of Commerce: to carry out the declaration of a new batch of national foreign cultural and trade bases

7. Association of Inter-Bank Dealers: it is proposed to carry out pilot projects to optimize the registration and issuance mechanism of panda bonds.

8. Hangzhou will distribute 10 million yuan cultural travel coupons on Flying Pig Travel, Amap, Barley and Orange Persimmon interactive platforms.

9. Zhangye colorful Danxia has created a world-class tourist scenic spot, which is the first national 5A tourist scenic spot in the country to start to create a world-class tourist scenic spot.

10. Ctrip will gradually realize enterprise carbon neutral operation.

11. Tencent said that e-sports has a talent gap of 2 million in the future, and that a "New Oriental" in the field of e-sports may be established in the future.

12. Douyin puts the default mute function online, and the satisfaction rate of users is 82.11%.

13. The price of mango TV members has increased again, and the monthly price of mango TV members is 22 yuan / month.

14. How does a number of silicon wafer companies increase the price of photovoltaic industry chain?

15. Huawei Hongmeng has more than 300 million devices; Huawei releases classic notebooks

16. The report of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences reveals the income gap of farmers: farmers in Jiangsu earn 50% more than farmers in Sichuan.

17. Flying pig: hotel orders in many cities in Yunnan have doubled compared with the same period last year.

18. The car owner was misjudged as sleeping by an auxiliary driver because of his small eyes. He Xiaopeng personally responded: he received optimization demand overnight.

19. Huawei officially launched the aggregate ride-hailing service "Petal Travel".

Map navigation will also be charged: Tesla's standard car entertainment service will be charged.

21. Ministry of Industry and Information Technology: in the first half of the year, the business income of Internet enterprises above scale in China maintained positive growth and the decline in total profits further narrowed.

Foreign part:

1. Japanese travel giant HIS plans to sell Haustenberg, Japan's largest theme park.

2. Samsung Electronics plans to significantly increase the number of recruits in its semiconductor department to expand its global competitiveness.

3. IPad may be introduced into off-screen face recognition, and iPad may launch a 14-inch model