In photos, TECHtonic 2017 showcases the Philippine startup community

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Revolving on the theme “Culture for the Future,” Techtonic 2017 is the biggest tech conference in the Philippines

TECHtonic – Manila Tech Convention 2017, a two-day conference that happened last July 29-30, is the largest tech innovation and startup tech conference in the Philippines.

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Attended by 6,000 startups, investors, and civil service employees, the conference focussed on three key elements: talks, trade show, and pitching competition. The talks covered various topics such as funding opportunities in the Philippines and Southeast Asia, startup-investor dynamics, and going from idea to launch, among other things.

“Fundraising is just a means to an end. It is not the main goal.” Peter Cauton of STORM Technologies

Product ideas are only research if not actionable. Photo courtesy of Techtonic 2017

The exhibition area is vibrant, dynamic, and where you will find these gems:

I Am Cardboard, a compact and foldable VR headset that is Google Cardboard-certified

Wagtales is an app for doglovers to share doggie milestones, find a vet, and even schedule playdates. It’s like Tinder for pets, if Tinder can also get you doctor’s listings.

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The women behind, a platform for hair and makeup artists to promote their services, as well as a marketplace for all things beauty and fashion. – an online grocery and delivery service

CollegeConnect is a college and university discovery platform.

Parking is a problem in Metro Manila, which is why it wasn’t surprising that the two exhibitors getting a lot of attention from attendees are related to finding parking.

Fetch is an on-demand valet parking service where you choose from their 5 pick-up locations, plug in your ETA, and hand over your keys to professional valet drivers. Also, pay cashless.

Dibz is a parking space search app with two options: park your own car following the app’s GPS or use the app to request for a valet to meet you. Also features cashless payment.

Exhibitors vary and cuts across several verticals – from B2B to B2C, finance to hospitality, and logistics.

A demo on how end-to-end smart ordering menu and integrated POS system eGrub works.

Transportify, a delivery service for private and business use offering rates based on distance.

PaidUp, a mobile app that allows users to support and invest in their favourite stores by pre-paying, in return for discounts, promos, and online ordering minus the queueing.

Qwikwire is a payment solutions for property, dues, and utilities

Startups battled it out on a pitching competition on Day 2, with ServeHappy emerging as the champion.

ServeHappy is an online jobs portal focussed on connecting employers and candidates in the hospitality industry. Photo courtesy of Techtonic 2017

Finalists of the TECHtonic 2017 pitching competition. Photo courtesy of Techtonic 2017

With the success of TECHtonic 2017, organisers are gearing up for year two. Kevin Tiambeng, Community Manager at Original Pitch Ventures and TECHtonic organiser says, “our goal for the event is to help the Philippine ecosystem grow. For next year, we plan to make it bigger and better.”

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