Google Play Protect Rolls Out to More Devices with Latest Update

At Google I/O earlier this year, the company announced a new service
it would be providing to Android owners called Google Play Protect. In and of itself, this wasn’t actually anything new that hasn’t already been included in Android for years. Instead, it was essentially a rebranding of a few features that Google has provided for a while now. These features (such as Verify Apps and Find My Device) are now being pulled under the same umbrella and referred to as Google Play Protect.

This also meant that some feature would be given more prominence than before. For example, the Verify Apps scanning feature is something that has always been tucked away but will now be featured right at the top of the Updates tab of the MyApps & Games section within the Play Store application. Not only will you be told if there have been any issues found, but you’ll see the time in which it last scanned your applications and also have the ability to start a manual scan as well.

As mentioned, this was announced a few months ago at Google I/O 2017 and some have already seen this feature in their Google Play Store application. Much like other Google rollouts though, it seems like it was done in stages and is now being rolled out to more people today. Some say they are seeing the feature with the latest update to the Google Play Store application itself although it’s more likely that this is a server-side update that Google just expanded.

Either way, be on the look out for the new feature to show up and remember that Android has had these features for years. Along with the application scanning feature, Google is highlighting Chrome’s Safe Browsing protections and a rebranded version of the Android Device Manager (now called Find My Device). We’ll likely see Google add additional features to Google Play Protect as times goes by.

Source: Google

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