New version of Azure MFA Server available (7.0.0)

移动互联 2016-04-06

For those who are using Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server (on-premises) hereby a quick post to inform you there is a new version of Azure MFA Server available. The new version of Azure MFA Server ( can be downloaded through the Azure Management Portal or MFA Management Portal .

Release notes

Version 7.0.0 of the Azure Multi-Factor Authentication Server adds the following additional functionality:

  • Upgraded to use .NET 4.0 instead of .NET 2.0. With extended support for .NET 2.0 ending 12 Apr 2016, all customers are encouraged to upgrade to v7.0.0. See
  • AD FS adapter now displays a list of MFA methods to choose from based on
    • 1) options configured under the Allow users to select method checkbox and
    • 2) the information registered by the user. This allows users to choose a preferred authentication method each time they sign in. Alternatively, the adapter can perform the users default MFA method immediately, then display the list of options if the user doesn’t respond. Note that users connecting from Windows Phone whose default method is Mobile App will always see the list of options except Mobile App due to a known issue where the app being accessed loses state when switching over to the authenticator app, thus resulting in a failed authentication after completing MFA.
  • Other minor bug fixes and security improvements

Known Issues

  • Windows Authentication for Terminal Services is not supported for Windows Server 2012 R2

Upgrade Considerations

  • All other features and components are backwards-compatible with all previous versions

Upgrade process

The Azure MFA Server admin console will prompt you (bottom left) there is a new version available. The Check for Updates option under Help tab implies the update will be downloaded automatically, which is not the case. You have to download the update yourselves. A big plus is the upgrade process, which is an in-place upgrade without the requirement of reinstalling and/reconfiguring Azure MFA Server.

  • Download Azure MFA Server binaries;
  • Make sure you’ve installed update KB2919355 ;
  • Part of the upgrade Visual C++ 14 Runtime Libraries (x86/x64) will be installed;
  • In case of multiple Azure MFA Servers, upgrade the master Azure MFA server first;

After successfully applying the update, Azure MFA can be used without a restart of services or reboot required.

责编内容by:ronnydejong (源链)。感谢您的支持!


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