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I collected a few talks in this post that I consider particularly interesting, educational, enlightening and thought provoking. Now almost 8 months on from Swift announcement, with vibrant community, there are plenty of talks to choose from. I feel like we as a community (or at least me) are still working out what will the standard practices be when it comes to structuring and developing software in Swift. I think this might not truly change until Apple rewrites / replaces Cocoa. Talks below are some of the ones that shape my thinking on that topic. If there are any talks that gave you “aha moment”, or made you think about Swift in whole new light. I would love to know, feel free to tweet links at me

Andy Matuschak

ex-UIKit engineer, now at Khan Academy
gave talk at Functional Swift Conference
where he discusses two different approaches to programing in swift. Functional and Object oriented, importance of blurring the line between them to avoid having community split in two camps. Also describes how to introduce functional paradigms when working with fundamentally OO Cocoa frameworks to your projects and your team mates.

Chris Eidhof

co-author of Functional Programing in Swift
book, witch I highly recommend. He delivers interesting talk about you guest it, functional programing in Swift at Swift Language User Group (San Francisco + Silicon Valley)
meet up.

Mike Ash

of popular Friday Q&A
gives a talk at NSSpain
on working with C in Swift.

Warren Moore

ex-Apple engineer spoke at Swift Language User Group (San Francisco + Silicon Valley)
meet up about Apple’s new Metal framework
, and how you can use Metal for 3D rendering from Swift. His presentation covered a lot of ground and was a perfect intro for anybody trying to learn more about 3D, game development, and Swift.

Kamil Borzym

dives deep into Swift runtime at Swift Warsaw
. Compare Objective-C vs Swift runtime method dispatching at Assembly level.

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