Kodak Photo Printer Dock lets you print photos directly from your device

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There are a lot of ways that you can now bring your digital pictures to offline life. You have photo printing services, apps, and quick print devices that lets you immediately print from your smartphone or computer. The latest to join this printing party is the Kodak Photo Printer Dock. It makes connecting your source device pretty easy, with its plug and print or connect and print system. Whether you want to place it on your wall or put it into your scrapbook, or give it as a postcard to a friend, this device makes it easy to do so.

You will be able to easily connect your smartphone, digital camera, or even USB to the dock by directly plugging it in and then printing whatever is on the screen. But if you want to still edit or fix a photo before printing or connect your device wirelessly, you can do so as well with the Kodak Printer Dock App. You will print them on fade-resistant 4×6 photo paper and because it uses D2T2 4PASS Technology, the color and detail of the photo will come out pretty good.

You can even use the dock as a charging device, up to two in fact, even while you’re doing your printing thing. Meanwhile, the aforementioned app will give you “creative control” over the photo you want to print. It has filters, stickers, templates, collage makers, etc. You can even grab photos from your Facebook or Instagram and print them directly.

The Kodak Photo Printer Dock costs $139. It comes with a power adapter, manual, and a 10-photo cartridge and paper pack. You can buy the ink cartridge separately and it comes in 40, 80, or 120 print sets.



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