These alleged Galaxy Note 8 accessories seem legit, but they don’t tell us much

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With the Galaxy Note 8 likely just a couple of months away from a pre-IFA 2017 formal announcement, it wouldn’t be extremely surprising or wholly unusual to already have a good, evidence-backed idea of the S Pen flagship’s design.

But we don’t, at least not technically, based on any concrete visual leaks hailingfrom trusted sources. Then again, it’s probably safe to assume the ill-fated Note 7’s sequel will bear a strong family resemblance to the popular Galaxy S8+ .

That’s precisely what a short new video circulating on Chinese social media seems to suggest, allegedly starring a very familiar-looking front panel and screen protector made “for Galaxy Note 8.”

It’s more than possible both those things are actually third-party accessories meant to shield the next “Infinity Display” from accidental damage, and they could be entirely fake, partly inaccurate in emulating the highly anticipated phablet’s build, or authentic but designed to support an early pre-release prototype.

Still, the most reasonable assumption is Samsung doesn’t want to fix what isn’t broken, likely aiming to replicate the GS8+ magic, refine it here and there, perhaps sharpening up the corners a little, further increasing the screen real estate and, who knows, maybe moving one step closer to killing bezels altogether .

Do you like what you see so far? Would another radical redesign instead make sense and make you happy? Sound off below.

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