London Calling

手机数码 2016-06-11

I’m happy to share that I will be hosting my first ever All-hands session, Graphics Stability – Tools and Measurements
(12:30pm on Tuesday in the Hilton Metropole), at the upcoming Mozilla All-hands in London. The session is intended to be a conversation
about taking a more collaborative approach to data-driven decision-making as it pertains to improving Graphics stability.

I will begin by presenting how the Graphics team is using data to tackle the graphics stability problem, reflecting on the problem at hand and the various approaches we’ve taken to date. My hope is this serves as a catalyst to lively discussion for the remainder of the session, resulting in a plan for more effective data-driven decision-making in the future through collaboration.

I am extending an invitation to those outside
the Graphics team, to draw on a diverse range of backgrounds and expertise. As someone with a background in QA, data analysis is an interesting diversion (some may call it an evolution) in my career — it’s something I just fell in to after a fairly lengthy and difficult transitional period. While I’ve learned a lot recently, I am an amateur data scientist at best and could certainly benefit from more developed expertise.

I hope you’ll consider being a part of this conversation with the Graphics team. It should prove to be both educational and insightful. If you cannot make it, not to worry, I will be blogging more on this subject after I return from London.

Feel free to reach out to me
if you have questions.

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