The new iPhone could have a resizable home button and face recognition for payments

There’s been a host of leaks aboutthe upcoming iPhone recently, most of which have been sourced from accidentally-released HomePod firmware, which also runs iOS. In the latest discoveries, developers have uncovered what looks like a resizable home button for the new handset, as well as support for Apple Pay authentication using facial recognition.

In a series of tweets, developer Guilherme Rambo
found references to ‘Pearl ID’ (Apple’s codename for its facial recognition system) that suggest it will be able to store multiple faces and will be accessible by third party apps. The firmware also includes the phrase ‘multi biometric,’ which suggests the phone might support two-step biometric authentication for extra security. That would mean combining, say, facial recognition and fingerprint ID. Additionally, the firmware code suggests that both the front and rear camera of the phone will be used for facial recognition.

About Pearl ID:

1 – The software definitely supports it for payments

2 – 3rd party apps can use it

3 – You can add multiple faces

— Guilherme Rambo (@_inside) August 9, 2017

There’s more news on the virtual home button too, with developer Steve Troughton-Smith
digging up code that indicates it will be resizable, and part of a “periphery area” that can be expanded or minimized, with the home button hidden as needed.

We know some facts re iPhone 8 home button area:

• it resizes

• indicator can be hidden

• no API to change color

• tab bars extend under it

— Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) August 10, 2017

The upcoming iPhone could also capture 240 fps video at 1080p, Rambo found
. That’s a step up in quality from the current iPhone 7, which shoots 240 fps, but only at 720p. HDR capture is also referenced in the firmware
as “ModernHDR,” but it’s not clear what exactly that means. Designer Olivier Charavel
created a mock up of what the useable screen space would be like using measurements found in the firmware, with the screen showing a taller-than-usual aspect ratio and a notch for the front-facing camera.

Props to @charavel
for a quick mockup taking these numbers into account. This is what I expect usable screen space to look like on iPhone 8

— Steve T-S (@stroughtonsmith) August 10, 2017

Previous leaks have shown we canexpect features like an all-screen front, silent notifications while you’re looking at your phone, and wireless charging.

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