Pink Galaxy S8 could shake things up soon

TheGalaxy S8 already has a fair number of color variants on offer, but one that isn’t included on that list is rose pink. Samsung has only revealed Rose Pink as a variant for the Galaxy S8 Plus, but now that may all be changing. Apparently a standard Galaxy S8 in pink is on the way to some regions in eastern Europe.

This was discovered by regular Twitter leaker Roland Quandt
, who shared images of the new device in a tweet. Quandt doesn’t give us any specific idea of when this phone will launch, merely saying that it’ll be arriving “soon.” We’ll just have to wait and see if Samsung confirms the existence of this device and delivers a release date in the process.

That Samsung could be plotting a new color for the standard Galaxy S8 isn’t much of a surprise. It’s gearing up to reveal the Galaxy Note 8 at the end of this month
, and now that a new flagship is about to hit the scene, launching a new variant like this could be a way for Samsung to get some fresh faces looking at the Galaxy S8. The Galaxy Note 8 isn’t for everyone, after all, so a new color for the Galaxy S8 might draw some of those folks to that phone instead of other brands.

Beyond the release date for this variant, one remaining question is whether or not this will spread outside of eastern Europe. Consumers here in the US only have the option of arctic silver, midnight black, and orchid gray when picking up the standard Galaxy S8 through a carrier, though you can also get one in coral blue if you buy an unlocked device directly from Samsung. Coral blue aside, black, gray, and silver aren’t exactly inspiring choices when it comes to phone color, so launching the rose pink model here could spice things up a bit.

For now, we’re left waiting to see if Samsung makes an official announcement about this device. While we wait, head down to the comments section and let us know if you’d pick up a pink Galaxy S8 – is this what you’ve been waiting for, or isn’t it really your style?

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