Paper in SIAM Review: Julia – A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing

综合编程 2017-03-19

Our paper, Julia: A Fresh Approach to Numerical Computing
, was published in the prestigious SIAM Review
in February 2017. While drafts of this paper have always been available on Arxiv
, we are excited that the paper is finally published. We make an attempt to explain why Julia is fast while retaining ease of use and simultaneously also offer a tutorial for the reader to get a feel for the language.

Evelyn Sander reviews
the paper for the Research Spotlights section of the February 2017 issue of SIAM Review.

If you use Julia in your research, please cite our paper, in addition to the other amazing papers listed in the always incompletePublications section. Publication citation data
for this paper is available for download for many citation managers.


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