Mimic the IPython notebook cell execution

手机数码 2013-09-30

Yesterday, I was visiting the Jake VanderPlas
's Scientific Python Course site
because of some issues raised at the ipython-dev mailing list (and obviously, because Jake usually do amazing things).

To build his site, Jake wrote an Hyde
plugin to render ipynb
files to static html files using the IPython.convert
platform. You can see an example of the final rendered document here

When I saw the final document, I wondered if we could have hidden output cells which automatically get visible after a click over the input cell... and then, I made some experiments using the power of the IPython.nbconvert
library 😉

NOTE: From here, to see the output of each cell, please click on the input area and surprise yourself!

First, we needed to rewrite some things at the Jinja
template level:


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