YouTube launches a new in-app video sharing and messaging feature


A new feature was today launched by Google that will enable YouTube offer mobile messaging service to users. The in-app video sharing feature that was earlier available to select market, is now being rolled out to a global audience. With the feature, you will be able to send your friends video and share chat from within a new tab within the mobile app.

“Starting today, you can share videos with your friends and family directly on YouTube. Not only can you share and receive videos in the app, you can also chat about them right on YouTube, reply with another video, invite others to the conversation, and more. We think it’ll make sharing easier, faster and more fun on your phone. And if you want to continue sharing videos through other apps, you can still do that too ,” YouTube official blog announced on Monday.

The video streaming website began testing the new feature in Canada last January. Great idea no doubt, but why the choice of Canada? Google product manager Shimrit Ben Yair told Canada’s Financial Post in a chat that the company’s decision to start its test in the country was due to the fact that Canada shares more videos than any other country:

We wanted to start with Canada because Canadians are sharing 15 per cent more videos than the average user, so it’s interesting to see this is actually a behavior that happens more in Canada,” said Yair. “We launched this feature as an experiment last year (to a small group) and now we are rolling it out worldwide .”

Apparently, that small test carried out in Canada was encouraging enough, and that’s why Google rolled the feature out to a global audience. The actual test began mid-2016 before the Canada test began.

A few changes were made to the new feature in relation with the feedback it got from users during the test period.

“We’ve been experimenting with a better way to share videos on YouTube since last year. Thanks to all your feedback, we made some improvements and are now ready to roll out this new sharing feature to all users globally .”

Despite this latest development, YouTubers shouldn’t expect the new feature to reach their phones immediately as this may take a couple of more days. So, if you don’t see the video sharing and messaging feature on your phone, don’t get worried—give it a couple of more days.

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Users on the platform will be able to send videos to others directly on YouTube using a new button. They will also be able to create group conversations similar to other messaging apps like Facebook, which allows for interactive features, including “giving videos a heart icon to show appreciation.” YouTube wants to keep its users engaged within the app without exiting it or switching between apps.

For this new feature, a brand new tab has now been added to the app by Google to enable you share videos with your friends. You can also show them some of your favorite videos.

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