Fshiny at MEGA SHOW oct 20 2016 Hongkong

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Evry October, Mega show becomes the center of global sourcing in Asia. MEGA SHOW Part 1 -Which is entering its 25th. year,is the largest and most important sourcing trade exhibitions every October for gifts, premiums, housewares,kitchen & dining, lifestyle products, toys & games in the Asia-Pacific region.

Fshiny builds up its professional team and continue offering our customers customerized and value – added packaging solutions.

We offer the finest in food packaging products, including

  • Flexi foil box,
  • foil pouches,
  • household aluminum wraps,
  • foil containers etc..
    We also offer value- added services to assist our food service customer with first operational blank.

The aluminum foil insulation features enable quality packaging for meat , candy, pizza and almost all the foodswith perfect performance in food packaging area, while keep fresh for a long time with wonderful protection from mositure and bacteria.

This season we will continue promoting our latest bestsellers during Mega Show part 1 at booth# 3E-B30 , welcome dropping by our booth and take a look at what’s hot.

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