Do you really know the perfect packaging way for coffee?

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No matter for green coffee (coffee beans) or Soluble Coffee (coffee powder), all need be packed into container.

Long long time ago, the coffee packaging is only a simple bag. Nowadays the packaging requirement is raised to a higher level, we want to drink the fresh coffee which has the original flavor as long as possible. If the well-chosen coffee will be drink up in a short time, no need to consider the packaging material too much.

Otherwise you should know very well about each packaging way & material selection.

But,Do you really know the perfect packaging way for coffee?

Bad or Good

O 2
& moisture content will lead the coffee quality to “not fresh”, so both should be removed when packaging and afterwards. O 2
takes up over 20% in air, which should be reduced to 1% when packed.

There are many ways to remove the O 2
and moisture effectively, the basic way is “inert gas replacement”.

  • The 1st way – inert gas replacement.

    When packaging Input N2 or CO2 – the inert gas which is not easy to chemical react with others and finally drive out the O2 & moisture content, then seal up the coffee bag. It’s a simple and effective way, both works no matter use individually or co-work with other packaging way.

  • The 2nd way – ‘one way valve’.

    The inside pressure become bigger after CO2 released from coffee beans or coffee powders, the gas and moisture will released through the valve then. ‘One way’ means gas only released from inside, the outside gas won’t get inside. Finally the inside O2 and moisture content will be totally replaced by CO2. However the effect will be not so obvious if such process completed longer without co- work with 1st. method “inert gas replacement”.

  • The 3rd way – vacuum packaging.

    It’s well known by everyone, actually the “vacuum” packaging way did not reduce the O2 and moisture content much. So the really effect is not very outstanding, except when co- work with first method.

  • The 4th way – oxygen remover.

    Honestly speaking it will reduce most O2 and moisture by chemical reaction process, at the same time it will absorb some coffee flavor. The consumer will misunderstand the coffee they just buy was stored for a long period, not the fresh one.

Right material

Even with high seal requirement, the packaging still cannot keep coffee flavor well with low gas barrier material.

If plan to keep the coffee fresh and the original flavor in a longer, you should be very careful when selecting the right material. Previous packaging containers are always can, now the flexible packaging is more popular not only because the coffee market rapid expand these years, but also it’s really an environmentally friendly product.

Most flexible packaging material is always like this, outside material is PET or Nylon, inside material is PE which is easy weldable. The middle layer material is aluminum foil or VMPET.

FSHINY foil bag is a fusion of plastic bag and conventional container designed to replace box and bottle with durable strength. In addition, the foil bag can reduce carbon footprint and raw material consumption by up to 15%. The various applications with zip-lock, valve, spout, or sprinkle nozzle makes it even more attractive.