Why .NET as Preferred Desktop Application Development Technology?

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The software technology landscape today provides several technologies to build your Information technology systems. There are multiple software development company offering different technology for your business solution. You will come across various application development providers with a primary focus on Microsoft Technology. You must be having that question why and when should you choose .NET as a preferred desktop application development technology. After reading this article, all your questions will be answered.

Software solutions based on .NET framework are considered to be consistent and cost effective. A software development company prefers .NET technology when its customer’s need is to have a higher level of coding, productivity with less complexity and cost effective.

.NET enables reliable and seamless development experience across the desktop, Windows Store and Windows Phone. It offers an advanced level of coding and efficiency. It allows you to consistently develop foundational applications on the desktop and add thrilling new user experiences, while reusing code between the device and applying your existing skills. If your need is to create more customized and platform appropriate experience on any device, Visual Studio Industry Partners allow you to reuse C# code and skills with non-Windows devices.

If the need is to have file/streams and networking communication features. NET offers following:

• GUI technologies

• Runtime productivity and safety such as automatic memory management, type safety, taking care of exception, and threading

• Rich collection data types

• Serialization

• Data modelling (ADO, LINQ, WCF data services)

• Language Integrated Query (LINQ)

• Date and time library

• Web services

• Security and cryptography

• Parallel programming library

Desktop applications can choose between UI stacks. Data binding features in both stacks allow data centric applications to display data. Dot Net Windows Presentation foundation is useful when windows based desktop application needs UI complexity, style customizations and application is graphic-intensive. Windows forms can be used when requirement is less complex and requires user-friendliness.

.NET also allows you to carry out innovations which enables your application to work on newer platforms without changes in the architecture. You can also reuse the code. Following features of .NET makes it easier to build your applications:

ModelView ViewModel design pattern (MVVM): MVVM simplifies the task of developing application. With this pattern you can differentiate between application state, logic, and behaviours. This in turn results in writing clean and maintainable code that can be easily shared between multiple devices.

Portable class libraries: Implementing your client logic with .NET portable libraries will reduce the complexity to create multiple experiences on multiple platforms. This can be done because .NET portable libraries allow binaries to be shared on desktop, Windows Store, Windows Phone and other applications.

When a prospect approaches Software Development Company to develop software solutions for its business, he expects to get the right advice in terms of technology and budget. It is up to the software development company to provide consultation which adds value to the customer’s business. The features and benefits mentioned above will give you an idea on why .NET framework is preferred Desktop Application Development Technology.

Why .NET as Preferred Desktop Application Development Technology? by techbuzz

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