Are you a web developer? You are lucky!

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Probably you forgot about it, swearing when your client just sends another set of out-of-scope adjustments five minutes before a planned deadline, but still, with the working conditions, flexible hours and salary you’re one of the luckiest on the labor market. And that’s not all.

Relax first

First of all. Working in an IT company means, that you have access to brand new toys, facilities, and gadgets. You can choose whether you play the latest FIFA on XBOX or PlayStation while you’re in the office. Drink freshly roasted Colombia or Kenya fair trade coffee, or have a break and go to the swimming pool. Or just take a power nap in the dedicated room with a fluffy carpet and some board games.

Don’t be frustrated that your colleague from a competitive company has just posted a picture of their new table football or a go-kart racing they did on Friday afternoon. Just think about your former classmates wearing suits and secretly checking Facebook notifications on the mobile hidden under their desks.

Let’s talk a little bit more professional

Sure, anyone can be jealous, because conditions that are a standard in IT companies are something that an ordinary office worker can only dream of. Also if he or she thinks about your hourly rate that is usually twice or three or even more times higher than an average salary, they are jealous even more.

But let’s be fair. You deserve it!

A skilled specialist can create enough magic to bring his or her client millions of income. Your experience, knowledge of particular technologies, and commitment a cause, means that just a few years after graduation you are a member of the middle class. And you can still wear t-shirts and shorts while having a call with the key client.

Free to act

What differs your job from many other occupations is your freedom of acting. Although working with big, corporate clients usually means keeping strict rules, deadlines, and procedures, you still have some space to show your skills, individuality and be not only an executor but one of the creators of the whole project.

As an example, I can bring a quote from Joseph Kurian from 249Labs, a Marketing Technology consulting company, and he is running his project with Xfive.

“I completely left the technology choices to Xfive. There were some things we had conversations around, but almost all the technology decisions were left up to them. I think that’s a space where Xfive was able to help me”.

Of course not every client is like this one. I’m almost sure you can name more than a few, who were not so flexible and eager to cooperate. But even then you usually had enough space to learn something new, a chance for self-development and at least few moments of relaxation.

And that’s what differs your job and makes you a member of the appreciated creative tech community.

Join the Xfive family – we’re hiring!

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