Writing a Beginners Guide to Documentation

营销策划 2013-09-30

A few days ago I

started a campaign

to improve documentation. Today I have the first results to show from this work.

It started first with a
that I presented at PDX Python here in Portland. The talk was very well received, so I decided to write it up.

So, I present
A beginners guide to writing documentation
. It is still very much a work in progress, so I hope that you can provide feedback. The idea behind the presentation and document is to allow people modify and present it themselves. I am hoping to build documents and presentations for other aspects of documentation as well. If you want to give this presentation, I would love for you to
email me

As I said, this work was done as part of my ongoing work on Documentation. If you think this work is important, you should
support me on Gittip

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