Basic level creation workflow with Scene Fusion

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Here is another introductory video to our multi-user Unity scene collaboration tool, Scene Fusion. Developers shouldn't have to change their current workflow while using the Scene Fusion system as it is a non-intrusive, organic extension of Unity.

This video will give you a brief overview of what a typical workflow would look like with Scene Fusion.

Video Transcript:

Welcome to a tutorial video on a typical workflow you would use with Scene Fusion.

Scene Fusion is a Scene sharing tool that we built for Unity. The way it works is: you will set your project up so that you created prefabs of everything that you want to care about. Scene Fusion replicates things in your scene that have Prefabs associated with them.

For example, I am a developer and I have created this scene. I have control over Git for my team, so I want to minimize the number of people who have to use Git. I have another person on my team who is going to help me edit this scene and I have decided to use Scene Fusion. I put the asset package into Unity which is giving me this panel that I have logged in to. I can click the new session button and host this scene.

Once it's hosted, my teammate will be able to join. Now that he's in here, we can start populating the scene with things out of the prefab list. We can do everything that you would normally do in scene editing. None of this will be unfamiliar and everything should work just fine as long as you have prefabs.

Once we're done, I'll be able to shut the session down by clicking leave. That will get rid of the online session and my teammate will be kicked out. Then I can just save the scene and commit it.

That's all it really takes. It's a very simple workflow and should work in with whatever workflow you have set up right now.

Scene Fusion is in open beta now. If you want to sign up go to s
. Thanks for watching!

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