Basil Salad introduces Go Edit 1.0 for iOS – Note Taker for Blog Authors

移动互联 2016-04-26

Go Edit enables users to type notes in markdown mode or WYSIWYG HTML mode and easily switch between the two. Unlike other markdown note takers, Go Edit supports embedding photos and other images in documents.

Go Edit enable blog authors to create post drafts in markdown or HTML rich text mode and easily convert between the two formats.

Unlike other markdown note takers, Go Edit supports embedding images in markdown or HTML documents without needing to make the images publicly available. Furthermore Go Edit has the capability to crop images or use other image editing applications (such as Skitch) via iOS’ action extension mechanism.

All notes are saved an open Textbundle file format and synchronized via iCloud. Hence editable via just about any other text editing applications.

Go Edit would be great for:

  • Creating drafts for blog posts that includes photos and images.
  • Writing rich text notes with photos and send them to others who may not have a word processing application installed to read conventional document (i.e. they don’t have Microsoft Word or Apple Pages installed in their smartphones).
  • Making quick edits to HTML, Markdown, or Textbundle documents received via e-mail and sending it off again.
  • Quickly jotting rich text notes in Markdown instead of getting dragged by the complexity of formatting text in Word, Pages, or even the iOS Notes app.

Features and Benefits

  • Hassle-free writing in markdown mode.
  • Edit just about any HTML or markdown files.
  • Import markdown or HTML files into Textbundle documents
  • Export notes as self-contained HTML files with embedded images.
  • Share documents with other applications supporting the Textbundle document format (or its compressed variant Textpack).
  • Crop embedded images.
  • Edit embedded images in other applications supporting iOS action extensions.
  • Compatible with iOS devices of all sizes – iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad – even the iPad Pro.


  • iOS 9.3


责编内容by:Basil Salad Software (源链)。感谢您的支持!


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