How Spyderco Powers its Website Using Brandfolder

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So, you finally got a Digital Asset Management (DAM) platform . That’s great! But wouldn’t be even better if you only had to update images, logos, and other digital assets in one place for them to automatically update in every place they’re stored and used?

That’s what Spyderco thought too. After loving their first few months with Brandolder as their DAM, they reached out to the product team to see if it would be possible to use the existing API to create a dynamic sync between Spyderco’s DAM and their freshly designed website. What happened next? Well, we highlight it all in our latestcase study with Spyderco’s digital media and marketing administrator, Kristi Hunter.

Of using Brandfolder to power their website, Hunter says:

“We launched a beautiful, new website in November, 2016, and the dynamic sync ensures that our site will always be current. I couldn’t have asked for a better tool … Our website is the largest space of our company. It’s always on, it’s always there. Whether it’s consumers, or us as a company, when we encounter something new, we all go out to the internet and search. I know our website is going to come up first, and this was the way that I could ensure that the face of our company always looks its best.”

The biggest benefit of having Brandfolder on board? As Kristi says, “We’re a creative team and it’s really hard to be creative when you’re bogged down in technical stuff.” With Brandfolder, Kristi’s team is able to provide more accurate digital assets to the people and places that need them most — all while saving valuable time and resources.

What else will you learn in the Spyderco case study?

  1. Why Spyderco decided it was time for a DAM
  2. How Spyderco chose Brandfolder as their DAM
  3. How Spyderco uses Brandfolder
  4. How Spyderco uses Brandfolder to power their website
  5. Other ways Spyderco puts Brandfolder to work
  6. The biggest benefits of having Brandfolder
  7. Spyderco’s moment of zen

Download the Spyderco case study for free today, and learn how this global manufacturing company drastically reduced the amount of time they spend updating and sharing assets.

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