AMD Releases Radeon Pro Software for Vega: Crimson ReLive Edition Vega Pro

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Following up last week’s launch of Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.7.2, AMD today is releasing Radeon Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition for Vega-based Radeon Professional Graphics, earlier known as version 17.8. With the official unveiling of Vega-based products yesterday, this edition of Radeon Pro Software brings support to the Radeon Pro WX 9100, Radeon Pro SSG, and Radeon Vega Frontier Edition.

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Radeon Pro: Crimson ReLive Edition for Vega

ReLive Edition for Vega Pro comes with support for 8K and High Dynamic Range (HDR) displays, something that was included in this past Thursday’s release of Radeon Pro Software Enterprise Driver 17.Q3 for non-Vega Radeon Pro products. Likewise, ReLive enhancements from 17.7.2 will also be present in the Vega Radeon Pro software.

This version also comes with bug fixes and enhanced features for the Radeon ProRender plugins/add-ins such as Autodesk 3DS Max, Autodesk Maya, Solidworks, and Blender. Additionally, AMD notes that Radeon ProRender will be integrated into the upcoming R19 release of MAXON Cinema 4D.

Security-wise, the Pro WX9100, the new Vega SSG, and Vega Frontier Edition have AMD Secure Processors, a feature recently seen inEPYC andRyzen Pro CPUs. This hardware root of trust operates during both boot time and shutdown, and works in conjunction with Radeon Pro Software and Microsoft Device Guard.

The rest of ReLive Edition for Vega Pro builds on Radeon Pro Software Crimson ReLive Edition 17.6, which was Radeon Vega Frontier Edition’s inaugural driver. This includes full functionality of Radeon Pro Software “Driver Options,” where the user can ‘swap’ between Radeon Pro Software and select Radeon Software versions without a reboot. Previously in ReLive Edition 17.6, swapping was limited to switching UIs.

ReLive Edition for Vega Pro allows the user to actually load two Radeon Software gaming drivers in addition to the installed professional driver. This will enable the use of gaming software features (except WattMan for adjusting CPU frequency). The swap functionality is intended for both game development workflows and just plain convenient gaming. AMD has clarified that this feature is only available for Vega-based professional products at the moment.

These drivers can be found at the AMD workstation graphics driver download page .


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