PowerShell v4 Desired State Configuration at Sydney DevOps

综合技术 2013-09-25

I volunteered to speak about the new Desired State Configuration features in PowerShell 4.0 at the local DevOps user group in Sydney
on September 19th. The technology has a lot of potential but until it is officially released and all the documentation is available, I found some aspects of Desired State Configuration difficult to understand.

If you’d like to watch my presentation, the user group was live broadcast as a Google Hangout and is now available on YouTube
(my session starts at about 17 minutes in). Additionally, my colleague Meligy
also painstakingly recorded the presentation with his phone camera, also available on YouTube

The resolution of the recorded presentation may not be sufficient to read the detail on the slides or the PowerShell commands being executed during the demo. If you like to follow along at home, the slides are available on SlideShare.net
and the demo script is available as a GitHub Gist

责编内容by:Jason Stangroome (源链)。感谢您的支持!


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