Boost Team Productivity with Project Management Tool Add-ons Powered by PHP

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Customized Add-ons are adding value to Project Management Tool with advance technologies like PHP and CakePHP

First questions that may be pondering in your mind –

  • why do I need add-ons for my project management tool!
  • Will these add-ons make my app better or will it just be an addition!
  • How will my team productivity get affected – in a good or bad way!

And, we completely understand your thoughts, so read on below to find all your answers.

Years back, managing your virtual team was a big challenge but gone are those days now. Project and Team management have been made easier with the adoption of right project collaboration tools and organizational strategy.

Customized Plugins and add-ons are now available to make communication and collaboration with teams optimal.

Product Development Company like Andolasoft is regularly updating one of its popular products; Orangescrum the project management tool with smart and customized add-ons in PHP technology .

In this article I am going to share the top add-ons of Orangescrum which helps in boosting your team productivity.

Let’s have a look at the top add-ons of Orangescrum

1. Time Log Gold Add-on:

Time tracking of your core team like freelancers, contactors and technical service provider has been made easy and shows the availability of resources. This also provides clear vision about the project plan and task effortlessly.

Perfect Project Planning with comparison to Time and Resource

2. Gantt chart Add-on:

Gantt Charts provide vivid display of tasks, tasks sequence, dependencies and their progress in visually with respect to assigned time. It also gives clear information about the project delays and about the project schedule management

Simplified Schedule Management Visually

3. Mobile API Add-on:

Real time updates and progress tracking made effortless with Mobile API add-on. Access on the go, respond faster, be in control and accomplish more with the intuitive Orangescrum App.

Stay Connected with People and Collaborate More

4. Project Template Add-on:

Project setup and adding each task to projects made easy with all important details in no time. It’s very simple to get going with a new project. Plus you save time from repetitive work.

Project Templates helps to plan recurring projects

5. Client Management Add-on:

The powerful client management add-on specifically built to meet startups and freelancers. It helps manage all customers interactions between project, task and teams easily.

Client Collaboration made easy to simplify business dealings

6. Time log with Payment Add-on:

Working with third party vendor, partner, freelancer and technical service provider made possible with time log with payment add-on. It helps in tracking their working time, deliverable time, payment hours and ensures transparent payable management.

Track Third Party Vendor, Freelancer and Pay them right

7. Invoice Add-on:

It enables effortless and accurate billing of customer with hours spent in one place. Also saves time and risk of missing out on billable work.

Generate Accurate Invoice with Confidence

Many Orangescrumer’s like small businesses, startups, enterprises and freelancers have been using these powerful add-ons for their project management needs to boost their productivity and revenue. Picking the right tool will solve your problems and enable organization growth. So try Orangescrum Add-ons now!


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