Scripting deployment of clusters in asgard

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We use asgard at work to do deployments in both qa and production. Our general flow is to check in, have jenkins build, an AMI is created, and then … we have to manually go to asgard and deploy it. That sucks.

However, its actually not super hard to write some scripts to find the latest AMI for a cluster and prepare an automated deployment pipeline from a template. Here you go:

function asgard(){
  http ${VERB} --verify=no "$url" -b

function next-ami(){

  prepare-ami $cluster true | 
    jq ".environment.images | reverse | .[0]"

function prepare-ami(){


  asgard GET "deployment/prepare/${cluster}?deploymentTemplateName=CreateAndCleanUpPreviousAsg&includeEnvironment=${includeEnv}"

function get-next-ami(){

  next=`next-ami ${cluster} | jq ".id"`

  prepare-ami ${cluster} "false" | jq ".lcOptions.imageId |= ${next}"

function start-deployment(){

  echo $payload | asgard POST "deployment/start/${cluster}"

The gist here is to

  • Find the next AMI image of a cluster
  • Get the prepared JSON for the next deployment
  • Update the prepared json with the new ami image

To use it you’d do

> clusterName="foo"
> next=`get-next-ami $clusterName`
> start-deployment $clusterName $next
    "deploymentId": "1773"

And thats it!


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