Multiple Haskell developer roles in Strats at Standard Chartered

综合编程 2016-06-03

The Strats team at Standard Chartered
has another ten
open positions
for typed functional programming developers, based in London or Singapore. Strats are a specialized software engineering and quantitative analysis team who build a broad range of software for financial markets users at Standard Chartered.

You will work on the trading floor, directly with traders, sales and risk managers, building software to automate their work and improve their efficiency. The focus of this role will be to build new tools for bankwide analytics and server-side derivatives pricing infrastructure.

You will use Haskell for almost all tasks: data analysis, market data publishing, database access, web services, desktop GUIs, large parallel tasks, quantitative models, solvers, everything. This is a fast paced role – code you write today will be deployed within hours to hundreds of users and has to work.

These are permanent, associate director and director positions, in London and Singapore as part of the Strats global team. Demonstrated experience in typed FP (Haskell, OCaml, F# etc) is required. We have around 3 million lines of Haskell, and our own Haskell compiler. In this context we look for skill and taste in typed functional programming to capture and abstract over complex, messy systems. You would join a growing team of around 16 experienced Haskell developers that is expanding to 25+ due to increased business need for Haskell developers.

Experience writing typed APIs to external systems such as databases, web services, pub/sub platforms is very desirable. We like working code, so if you have Hackage or github libraries, we definitely want to see them. We also like StackOverflow answers
, blog posts, academic papers, or other arenas where you can show broad FP ability. A PhD or Masters Degree in Computer Science is an advantage but not a requirement.

The role requires physical presence on the trading floor in Singapore or London. Remote work is not an option. You will have some project and client management skills — you will talk to users, understand their problems and then implement and deliver what they really need. No financial background is required. These positions have attractive remuneration for the right candidates. Relocation support will also be provided. Contracting-based positions are also possible if desired.

Applicants who don’t necessarily meet all criteria but have an interest in working in Singapore in particular, and have an FP background, are encouraged to apply.

More info about our development process is in the 2012 PADL keynote
, and a 2013 HaskellCast interview

If this sounds exciting to you, please send your resume tome– donald.stewart


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