Give us a proper mimetype name for OpenCL C files!

综合编程 2017-04-28

KDevelop, your cross-platform IDE
, since version 5.1 has initial OpenCL language support

If you are into OpenCL and interested, we need your help for some improvement to that:

What is the mimetype name to use for OpenCL C files?

Due to KDevelop needs some weeks ago a mimetype for OpenCL has already been added
to the shared-mime-info database
, with text/x-opencl-src
as mimetype name.

Though if we reflect, that entry was quickly requested and made without consulting a lot of OpenCL users. It currently reads:

    OpenCL source code
    Open Computing Language

For one, “OpenCL source code” should be rather “OpenCL C source code”. Because there are now both C and C++ variants (see below) which would need to be reflected in the name.

Next, text/x-opencl-src
was made up and seems to be not used by anyone before. Asking your search engine, you will see that people in their desperation had already started to use all kind of other mimetype names before, e.g.:

  • text/x-opencl
  • text/x-clsrc
  • text/x-opencl_c
  • application/x-opencl_c

So text/x-opencl-src
might not have been the best choice. Even more as again the C and C++ variants need to be reflected in the name.

Is there no-one at the Khronos Group who had time to look at deciding on a mimetype name and registering that with IANA as MIME type (or now Media type)

Can you poke them, or hint us whom to talk to?

OpenCL C++

And then there is OpenCL C++
(since OpenCL 2.1
), yet to reach the masses.

What mimetype name shall it have? What will the file extension(s) be?

Attracted by virtual constructs

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