LLVM Weekly – #129, Jun 20th 2016

综合技术 2016-06-20

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News and articles from around the web

Last week was WWDC, which featured talks on what's new in LLVM
( slides
) and what's new in Swift
( slides
). Note that the embedded video player suggests you need Safari or the WWDC app to stream the video, but you can find a downloadable version under the "resources" tab.

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LLVM commits

  • FileCheck learnt the --check-prefixes
    option as a shorthand for multiple --check-prefix

  • A local_unnamed_addr
    attribute was introduced. This can be used by the code generator and LTO to allow the linker to decide whether the global needs to be in the symbol table.r272709.

  • The ScalarReplAggregates pass has been removed as it has been superseded by SROA by a long time.r272737.

  • LLVM's C API gained support for string attributes.r272811.

  • Assembly parsing and lexing has seem some cleanups.r273007.

Clang commits

  • A new loop distribution pragma was added. Loop distribution is a transformation which attempts to break a loop in to multiple loops with each taking part of the loop body.r272656.

  • The nodebug attribute can now be applied to local variables.r272859.

  • The validity check for MIPS CPU/ABI pairings is now performed at initialisation time and a much clearer message is printed.r272645.

Other project commits

  • A complete implementation of the C++ Filesystem TS has been checked in.r273034.

  • LLD's ARM port gained initial support for Thumb with ARMv7a.r272881.

LLVM Project Blog

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