Mobile insights from the Stack Overflow 2017 Developer Survey (#152)

移动互联 2017-04-05

Chris Brandrick recommends

3 Strategies for Handling Accidental 'Taps' on Touch Devices

— During mobile e-commerce testing users often accidentally tap items on the page – this article reviews ways to handle those inadvertent “clicks”.

Jamie Appleseed

Holly Schinsky recommends

Migrating from Cordova to React Native

— An introduction to both Cordova and React Native, showing the process of migrating an example app, with strategies, tips, and potential gotchas.

Steve Connelly

Chris Brandrick recommends

Mobile Insights from the Stack Overflow 2017 Developer Survey

— Stack Overflow recently published their 2017 survey results. 23% of 51,000 respondents consider themselves mobile devs. Here, Ariel Elkin offers some thoughts on the findings. You can see the full results here .



Europe's developer-focused job platform - Get your ideal job in 3 weeks

— On Honeypot companies send developers interview requests. Your profile stays live for 3 weeks.


Brian Rinaldi recommends

You Don't Get AMP

”..taking a step back and looking again might help reconcile how Google and the developer community are approaching AMP.”

Matt Brennan

Chris Brandrick recommends

Designing for the Appearance of Speed

— Performance, conversion, and engagement are inextricably connected. But speed isn’t as simple as the shortest distance from point A to B.

Bill Chung

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Mobile Web: Back to The Future

— How the current state of the mobile web, with things like AMP and Instant Articles, resembles the old WAP days of mobile dedicated sites.

Ronan Cremin

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Progressive Web App Questions

— Jeremy answers some interesting questions about PWAs he received from a student researching them.

Jeremy Keith

Peter Cooper recommends

Gen Z: A Look Inside Its Mobile-First Mindset

— Google looks at how the next generation of consumers are using mobile devices.

Think With Google

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Questioning Container Queries

— Container queries are always a popular topic when discussing the future of responsive design. But do we actually need them anymore?

Paul Robert Lloyd

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Does CSS Grid Replace Flexbox?

— A question that might be on your mind after the blitz of CSS Grid articles in recent weeks. In short, not exactly, but there are some good examples here.

Robin Rendle

Brian Rinaldi recommends

CSS Viewport Units: A Quick Start

— An introduction to the use of CSS viewport units for responsive typography and layout elements.

Asha Laxmi

Holly Schinsky recommends

Unveiling Ignite 2

— Ignite 2 beta is now available with new features to help developers build React Native apps.

Gant Laborde

Peter Cooper recommends

Ionic 3.0.0 Beta Released

Ionic 3.0.0 Beta Released


Holly Schinsky recommends

Ionic vs React Native

— A comparison of Ionic to React Native for building mobile apps.

Ankush Aggarwal

Holly Schinsky recommends

Writing React Native Apps with MobX

— How to write a React Native app with MobX and React Navigation Flow styled-components.

Wojtek Szafraniec

Holly Schinsky recommends

Building a React Native App in Under 15 Minutes

— How to build a React Native app in 15 minutes with Ignite 2.

Infinite Red

Brian Rinaldi recommends

Creating Your First Native Mobile App with Visual Studio and NativeScript

— Setting up Visual Studio with NativeScript to build cross-platform mobile apps using JavaScript.

Rob Lauer

Holly Schinsky recommends

How I Created My First Android App using Framework7 and Cordova

How I Created My First Android App using Framework7 and Cordova


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