World Wide Web Few Important Things You Probably Do Not Know – An Infographic

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World Wide Web Some important things you didn’t know about WWW, Domain, and Hosting

Word Wide Web Or The www

World Wide Web is an important subject we all in one way or other involved in our daily life. But sad to say probably a majority of its users do not know some vital facts about this amazing phenomenon. In this Infographic the creator of this design brings out some unknown facts we all must know.

During December 1989, PSI Net started its services in North Virginia. That was the first ISP of the world and with it began the journey of the internet. Today, the world without the Internet is unimaginable and it’s is simply impossible too! Right from education to the entertainment, in short, all the area, social, economic or political everything is now supported by the internet in one or the other. But sad to note that, not many people take the pain to look into the history of Internet. Check out this informative Infographic to find out some of the amazing facts of thia Amazing world called World Wide Web!

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The First Instance of World Wide Web:

Sir Tim Berners-Lee The inventor of the world wide web

Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the world wide web and one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Important People of the 20th Century’, he is a scientist and academic whose visionary and innovative work has transformed almost every aspect of our lives.

It was in Cern that the very first time Worldwide Web was used for the communication. The big organizations wanted to simplify the communication mode between scientists and that paved the idea of wireless in-house communication via computers was born. The idea worked well for the organization and it started growing well. Ultimately, the first website was also created in 1991. It belonged to Cern and the name was

World Wide Web: The Interesting World of Domain Names:

The world of domain and hosting might look too technical to be interesting but there are a number of quirky instances going on in the industry. One such endeavor is to give your domain name a funky character. People go to limits to do that. Another gentleman even went to the lengths of stretching the limits of a domain name and came with an amazing “long” name but most of them were redundant letters! That is really interesting!

Growing TLD Market amidst Controversies and Popularity:

The Growth of TLD Market: Top level domain is the segment that comes after Dot. For a long time .Com. .Org, .Net and other popular TLDs ruled the market. However, with time people have been inclining towards fancy or more specific TLD.For some time now the discussion on the relevance of TLDs and their role in SEO strategies has been discussed extensively and there seem no even grounds where ever argument can land. There have also been discussions on the misuse of TLDs to mislead people. However, as they say, all publicity is a good publicity. So amidst the controversies and popularity, TLDs continued enjoying an exalted status. People regard them as something unique. The growth of existing TLDs in the year 2016 was encouraging and .zip really ruled the market with 13th rank from its last year rank of 251. The TLD market is growing at a great speed and there is a new, ever-expanding inventory of most innovative TLDs. Speaking of 2016, there were a huge number of TLDs that were introduced. Out of them, 2 outstanding TLDs were .nba and .you that maintained 89th and 92nd position. While the popularity of NBA and personal identity offered by .You is quite comprehensible, the low ranking of .shop is really surprising. Considering its commercial connotation it should have enjoyed a great ranking but this domain just managed to save itself from running below 200 ranks. AT 174th rank .shop could be called a great disappointment.

Domain Trading May Be The Next BIG Thing:

Last but not the least. Take out the commercial equation from the domain name and you might have well taken out the sweetness from the fruit. Many people who are professional buyers/sellers of domain names look at the dolmans as “company shares” that offer one a clean, easy profits provided ones ready to take corresponding risks. Thus it has resulted in astronomical prices of domains. Though it is very difficult to beat the price of cream names like Insurance or Vacation rentals that were sold at 35.6 and 35 million dollars respectively, there are a number of domain names that are selling at exaggerated prices.

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