SPI 262: Habit Forming Products with Nir Eyal, Author of Hooked

营销策划 2017-04-20

How many platforms do you check every day, almost without thinking about it? What products are an unconscious part of your daily routine? These kinds of habit forming products are what today’s episode is all about. Here to explore how customers get “hooked” on products is behavior expert and author of

, Nir Eyal.

The most successful companies, Nir will tell you, have figured out to scratch a universal “itch” with their product. They’ve connected their creation to behavioral triggers, whether internal or external, that send users reaching for their particular product. It’s a complex science—one that smart entrepreneurs can leverage to get their product into as many hands as possible.

In this episode, Nir will walk you through the phases of building a habit forming product. He’ll debunk common myths about human behavior and reveal the science behind the platforms we use every day. He’ll also get into the ethics of creating habits, and how to ensure your product is harnessing the power of habit for good.

Fascinating, right? Listen in to hear more from Nir and the strategy behind getting “hooked.”

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Special thanks to Nir for joining me this week. Until next time!

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