Bored programmers on Reddit are competing to tell the nerdiest coder joke

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Reddit’s Programmer Humor community
has come together for yet another baffoonish comedy showoff.

Over the last week Programmer Humor members have been competing to come up with the best coder wisecracks they can – and the affair is shaping up to be a close contest.

There is only one rule: Jokes have to be strictly developer witticisms. So forget about anything regular computer users would get and prepare for a shitstorm of obscure CSS, ARP and UDP gags.

So without further ado, here are some of the best ones:

The TCP anecdote that started it all

Hello, would you like to hear a TCP joke?
from ProgrammerHumor


Want to hear a Windows Joke?
from ProgrammerHumor


Hello, I’d like to hear a Linux joke
from ProgrammerHumor


Hello, I’d like to hear a Bluetooth joke.
from ProgrammerHumor


Hello, I’d like to hear a torrent joke
from ProgrammerHumor


Hello, I’d like to hear a CSS joke.
from ProgrammerHumor

Dial-up Modem

Hello, I’d like to hear a dial-up modem joke.
from ProgrammerHumor

Original Joke

Hello, I’d like to hear an original joke.
from ProgrammerHumor

This is not the first time coder Redditors have engaged in a similar humorfest. A few weeks back Programmer Humor members took part in a week-long contest to design the shittiest possible volume slider
. Needless to say, the entries did not disappoint.

Got a winning joke you want to share with the rest of the bored devs on Programmer Humor? Head to this page
to enter the competition.

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