LG Display to supply OLED panels to Apple

“Apple has chosen LG Display as its [second] OLED panel supplier,” The Economic Times reports. “LG Display and Apple agreed on amount of yearly supply and LG Display’s position as the second supplier of OLED panel.”

“This is why LG Electronics recently announced that it will invest into 6th generation flexible OLED line within its new plant called P10 located in Paju,” The Economic Times reports. “As LG Display has become Apple’s OLED supplier followed by Samsung Display, it is likely that they will compete against each other in order to secure more supplies from Apple.”

“‘[The] reason why LG Display decided to make investments that will produce 45,000 OLED panels per month is because it wants to minimize any risks when Apple decides to be conservative regarding OLED panels,’ said a representative,” The Economic Times reports. “Production capacity of 45,000 6th generation flexible OLED panels per month is equivalent to yearly production of 53.46 million 6-inch Smartphones. Even if yield is at 60%, 32.07 million OLED iPhones can be manufactured in single year.”

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MacDailyNews Take:
The more competition in the OLED space, the better!


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