The 7 Most Popular DEV Posts from the Past Week

Every Monday we round up some of the last week’s top posts, comments, and tweets. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment.:heart:

1. Who wrote that? Wait, I wrote that :flushed:

In this post, Bob shares three common symptoms of bad code and how to avoid writing it. Devs are always looking to get better at the smell test, as exemplified by this post’s popularity.

How do you know your code is bad?


coding cleancode

2. Let’s WFH, all day, every day

Gordon Shotwell gives us four reasons to work remote and touches on one of the biggest problems in tech right now.

Workplaces are path-dependent places. You start your company with a few employees, and then make decisions about how that workplace develops physically and socially based on those employees. These decisions in turn attract employees who like those work environments and the cycle continues. For instance, it’s very likely that your open-concept, start-up office with a climbing wall and beer in the fridge is tailored to support the work of able-bodied young men. Probably you won’t make the investments to support the work of, say, a blind engineer who needs to code by voice, and so you will never hire that engineer.

Why you should work remotely

Gordon Shotwell

3. Brushing up

It goes without saying that technical interviews can range drastically from company A to company Z. While going through the interview process, Daniel Golant started brushing up on potential topics he might get quizzed on. This week he gives us a refresher on HTTP lifecycles.

Things I Brushed Up On This Week: The HTTP Request Lifecycle

Daniel Golant

http udp tcp

4. Who doesn’t love a shortcut?

I haven’t met anyone who does’t appreciate bein

g more efficient so it’s no surprise that articles about shortcuts are always a fav with the community.

These are a few of my favorite: Terminal Shortcuts

Sal Hernandez

terminal programming devtips beginners

5. How did all this data get here?!

If you didn’t quite understand this layer of the Internet pipes, you’re in luck. Ben didn’t know too much about TCP either, so he asked our community to explain it to him like he’s five.

We got a lot of in-depth responses as well as fun anecdotes:

George Offley

You and a friend need to share a toy:

  1. You ask a friend if he can play with the toy.

  2. Your friend asks you if you actually asked him for the toy.

  3. Your tell your friend that you asked for that toy.

  4. He gives you the toy.


  1. Your friend throws a toy at you and walks away.

Here’s the full discussion:

Explain TCP like I’m five

Ben Halpern

explainlikeimfive discuss tcp

6. Ethereum for 5 year-olds

Apparently adults appreciate simplicity, too. We started the#explainlikeimfive tag last week and it’s made this list with two posts from Ben. The second concept we were all interested in learning about was Ethereum.

Explain Ethereum like I’m five

Ben Halpern

discuss explainlikeimfive ethereum blockchain

7. EMOJIFY! :neutral_face::flushed::scream::dizzy_face::skull:

Development work can be hard on the psyche, so Joseph Moore decided to add more delightfulness into his life by emojifying his bash prompt. Here’s a taste of what he did:

Feedback from the community :laughing:

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