Issue 129

产品设计 2017-04-03


Are you making customers too happy?

Many teams create a product that solves a problem well but keep adding features until it becomes bloated and complicated.

Poor Management and Mediocre UX Design Go Together

Weak management support for UX and lack of UX leadership and role models correlate with unexceptional designs.

Creating Usability with Motion: The UX in Motion Manifesto

Motion in design is becoming increasingly important. Here’s how to know when and where to implement motion to support usability.

How to use space in UI Design

One of the most overlooked elements in visual design is emptiness. Also check out How To Use White Space In Web Design

Use this exercise to solve any Product Design Challenge

A simple process to create the freedom needed to be creative.

Tools & Resources

Atomic Free

Atomic updated their prototyping tool with new features, tutorials, and the ability to have one free active project.


A visual inspiration bookmark tool within your Dropbox.


A free design collaboration and prototyping tool.

Carbon Design Kit

A design system of individual styles and components by IBM that make beautiful, intuitive designs when combined.

3 Strategies for Handling Accidental ‘Taps’ on Touch Devices

A look into best practices, when to use them, how the strategies may be combined.


Interaction 17

Videos of talks from this year’s Interaction 17 conference.

Closure experiences with Joe Macleod – UX Podcast

Talking about improving the experience for customers by designing better leaving experiences.

UX Portfolio

Samantha Zhang

Samantha is a designer and front-end developer for tools and scalable systems.

UX Jobs

User Experience Designer at Bankrate Credit Cards (Austin, TX or Pasadena, CA)

Work with me to create amazing user experiences to empower consumers to make smarter financial decisions.

Last But Not Least

Commoditisation of UI

An argument on why it’s hardly important to have a unique UI design for successful product.

“Design shouldn’t be a step in the process, it should inform all product stages.”

— Kristin Skinner


我是如何利用滴答清单实践 GTD 理论的 前言 引子:What's the Target? 人们总是说凡事都要有个目标,而 GTD 里面对目标的定义为第 3 楼视野,即「拟实现的中期至长期结果(通常在3~24个月内)」,可能有童鞋就会好奇了,为什么这里会有一个 3 楼呢?那是因为作者将我们个人/组织对事务所作出的承诺,以及拥有的想法总结...
网页有 bug!这些404页面文案,让你生气不起来... 哪里都有好文案。 404页面时非常让人扫兴的。 想想你正在兴致勃勃的看新闻、找资料、看视频,突然出现一个巨大的404,告诉你找的东西不存在,是不是有种想砸键盘的冲动? 可偏偏有很多404页面让你看到之后不仅不会生气,还很期待再次看到他们。 tip1: 你的产品再烂,也能...
真实项目案例:HeyShop品牌电商小程序 近期我们与嘿店合作了其旗下HeyShop商城的小程序设计与开发。本期就给大家介绍一下关于这个项目的相关内容。 如需转载请点此查看 转载须知 。 HeyShop商城小程序 Online Shopping Store MiniProgram 设计 / 银子 ...
Harsh rules for fine design Robert Virding (author of several programming languages) has a great talk about programming language design , and it occurred to me that some of h...
注定单身狗,还在一个人用ps孤独的做设计?... 代码开发可以利用很多团队开发工具(如svn)进行团队开发,而设计师在共同设计的时候,却会很麻烦,因为大部分的设计工具都没有考虑团体开发。现在不 用再羡慕代码开发可以团队协作共同开发,视觉设计也可以做到,比如:一个人做logo,一个人做主页导航,一个人做所有icon. 按照传统的做法,需要不同的人...