5 Pro Tips for Space Saving in Your Home Office

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Especially in the city, space is at a premium. We’re constantly struggling to fit everything in to our cramped homes and offices. This can be challenging, but it can also be fun. If you’re willing to spend some time with DIY projects, or open to new and innovative storage solutions, we have the list for you:

1. Magnetised spice jars

Over atyou can see how to create magnetised spice jars, they show you how to turn baby food jars into a spice rack that sticks right to your fridge. You can decorate and label them according to any of your current design themes

These food storage containers are exceptional space savers allow you to flat stack all of your Tupperware when not in use. Stain and smell resistant, they’re a must have for any kitchen. These are silicone Tupperware style pots that flat stack on top of each other, saving over 80% of the space that would be taken up by traditional Tupperware. You can take them to school, work or even on day trips, and they’re perfect for all types of food.

3. Under bed storage

Your bed takes up a lot of space. You can reclaim that with some nifty under bed storage. Fromto, there are options out there to suit absolutely any situation. This is a super handy and convenient solution that does not take any DIY knowledge or specialist expertise.

4. Shoe racks

A shoe rack is an often overlooked item that is really an essential. Not only does it help save on tonnes of space but shoes can often lead to extremely messy floors, and this is simple answer for that problem. You can go with a, or an ultra sleekthat can save even more space.

If you’re feeling a little bit more ambitious, there are a tonne of interesting storage solutions over on the Bored Panda blog. They have everything from staircase drawers, where the bottom two steps can pull out with storage space on the inside, to window blinds that fold down to become clothes drying racks.

If you use your imagination, there really is no space too small. Obviously, what you end up doing will completely depend on the space that you’re in and your budget. But if it’s ever a choice between having more space, or throwing out “essential stuff”, try and think outside the box before you make that trip to the tip!

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