This app will help you stay totally anonymous online

综合技术 2017-06-13

The internet can be a dangerous place for those who aren’t careful. But you know that already.

One way to stay safe online is by investing in a VPN – a basic security solution that masks your online activity from your Internet Service Provider (ISP), hackers, and snoops alike. This is really the base level of security that everybody should already be employing while surfing the web.

Another solution is something likeDisconnect, an all-in-one premium tracker blocker and VPN that has been recognized by The New York Times and the SXSW Interactive Conference as one of the best privacy and security tools on the market. A lifetime subscription to this service is currently on sale in the Mashable Shop for $49 . Here’s why some people swear by it:

1. It improves your browser speed

Typically, VPNs will slow your browsing due to some combination of CPU-eating encryption, routing through servers that are very far away, or your ISP throttling the connection. Disconnect helps to increase browsing speed due to its integrated tracker blocking and malware detection. By preventing the trackers that websites, hackers, and snoops leave all over the web, Disconnect has been shown to improve browsing speed by up to 44% while using up to 39% less bandwidth.

Image: disconnect

2.It secures your data

Combined with an encrypted WiFi connection, Disconnect protects your sensitive online activity from wireless eavesdroppers, as well as the companies, cybercriminals, and government entities that routinely attempt to track your info online. Even more importantly, it protects you from Disconnect . Their privacy policy prohibits collection of IP addresses or any other personal info unless you volunteer it for whatever reason. That's a big plus in the VPN game, as some lower cost or free VPNs do in fact keep logs of your activity.

3. It cloaks your identity

How is anybody going to know who you are if they just can't piggyback on your connection? Disconnect lets you conduct searches completely privately while masking your IP address and location so while you may actually be Jeanine in Oshkosh, you may as well be Bjorn in Amsterdam to everybody else on the worldwide web.

Itching to check it out? A lifetime subscription toDisconnect Premium is currently 90 percent off the $500 list priceat just $49.


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