IPv6 connectivity status within the CentOS.org infra

存储架构 2016-04-29

Recently, some people started to ask proper IPv6/AAAA record for some of our public mirror infrastructure, like mirror.centos.org, and also msync.centos.org

Reason is that a lot of people are now using IPv6 wherever possible and from a CentOS point of view, we should ensure that everybody can have content over (legacy) ipv4 and ipv6. Funny that I call ipv4 "legacy" as we still have to admit that it's still the default everywhere, even in 2016 with the available pools now exhausted.

While we had already some AAAA records for some of our public nodes (like www.centos.org
as an example), I started to "chase" after proper and native ipv6 connectivity for our nodes. That's where I had to take contact with all our valuable sponsors
. First thing to say is that we'd like to thank them all for their support for the CentOS Project over the years : it wouldn't have been possible to deliver multiple terrabytes of data per month without their sponsorship !

WRT ipv6 connectivity that's where the results of my quest where really different : while some DCs support ipv6 natively, and even answer you in 5 minutes when asking for a /64 subnet to be allocated , some other aren't still ipv6 ready : For the worst case the answer was "nothing ready and no plan for that" or for sometimes the received answer was something like "it's on the roadmap for 2018/2019").

The good news is that ~30% of our nodes behind msync.centos.org have now ipv6 connectivity, so the next step is now to test our various configurations (distributed by puppet) and then also our GeoIP redirection (done at the PowerDNS
level for such records, for which we'll also then add proper AAAA record)

Hopefully we'll have that tested and then announced soon, and also for other public services that we're providing to you.

Stay tuned for more info about ipv6 deployment within centos.org !

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