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Due to recent highly publicised hacks and high-profile data breaches, certified hackers are in huge demand and being hired by almost all industry to help them keep their networks protected.

These ethical hackers not only gain reputation in the IT industry but are also one of the most well-paid employees in the IT workforce today.

There is a growing number of jobs for people with ethical hacking skills. But if you lack behind in this field, you required a good computer hacking course to sharpen up your skills and knowledge.

The good news for you is that this week's THN Deals brings that let you get started regardless of your experience level.

Ethical Hacker Bootcamp is an online training course for beginners seeking practical skills to learn and pass the Ethical Hacker certification exams and get a significant boost in their IT career.

Get Lifetime Access to Ethical Hacker Bootcamp for Just $45

If you want to become a hacker, sign-up for this 45 hours of practical hacker course , which includes total 144 in-depth video lectures, available online for the lifetime:

  • Module 1 — Enumeration
  • Module 2 — Sniffing
  • Module 3 — Denial of Service
  • Module 4 — Session Hijacking
  • Module 5 — Hacking Web Applications
  • Module 6 — SQL Injection
  • Module 7 — Hacking Wireless Networks
  • Module 8 — Evading IDS, Firewalls, and Honeypots
  • Module 9 — Cryptography
  • Module 10 — Trojans and Backdoors
  • Module 11 — Viruses and Worms
  • Module 12 — Buffer Overflow
  • Module 13 — Payment Card Industry (PCI)
  • Module 14 — Penetration Testing
  • Module 15 — Test Prep Questions

Ethical Hacker Bootcamp will give you the knowledge to effectively protect any network by identifying vulnerabilities, handling legal evidence of any hacking attack, detecting Trojans, backdoors, viruses and worms, shoring up a network's defences by exposing and then fixing its security flaws, and much more.

Ethical Hacker Bootcamp training material usually cost $2,083 on the Internet, but you can take this ultimate course for just $45 (97% discount) at our Deals Store.

If you are interested in hacking and looking to build a strong career in ethical hacking, this Ethical Hacker Bootcamp course is for you.

So, what you are waiting for?

Sign Up and grab the exclusive discounted deal NOW!

Other Best Certification Training Courses

We received a great response from our last three deals as well and if you want, you can still grab these deals:

  • Computer Hacker Professional Certification Package — at 96% discount — offers you all the material and training you require to help pass CISSP, CISM, CISA, Ethical Hacker and Forensics Investigator Certification Exams to become certified penetration tester.
  • Wi-Fi Hacking and Penetration Testing Training Course — at 83% discount — This training course, which costs just $25, is available with lifetime access and focuses on the practical side of Wi-Fi hacking without neglecting the theory behind each attack. All the attacks explained in this course are practical attacks launched against real Wi-Fi networks.

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  • VPNSecure: Lifetime Subscription (91% OFF) If you're searching for an affordable and reliable VPN service without any bandwidth limits, VPNSecure is a good option. With strict no-log record policy, VPNSecure has many servers located in more than 41 countries and counting. The VPNSecure Lifetime Subscription is available for just $39 at THN Deals Store.
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