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综合技术 2013-10-30

Ryan Oliver
has done a fantastic job at keeping the Startups of Puerto Rico community posted with all the recent events that have been popping up. If you are signed up at startupsofpuertorico.com
you should have received some emails with the events that we recommend you checking out in previous weeks, as well as those that are on the horizon.

Now we’ve got an awesome working Events
section. The idea behind this section is to be a central hub of all the events happening around that are of interest to community members, not to replace Facebook Events, Eventbrite or Meetup. You’ll still receive an ocasional email with upcoming events. You can also subscribe to these events via aniCalendaror RSS

These email newsletters are “hacked” together with events that we know or at least hear of. Obviously we occasionally miss a couple of the events that should be added.

If you’re an event organizer or have any suggestion of high quality startup events and activities in Puerto Rico feel free to do so via this form:

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