The Gearhead podcast: Was the iPhone a revolution or just slick marketing?

手机数码 2017-07-11

10 years of iPhone
. Who'd have thunk it? From humble beginnings as a way to one-up Microsoft's tablet business, the iPhone has had a lasting impacting on the mobile and computer industries, turning us into mindless swiping and tapping zombies along the way.

In this second episode of the

, Wired
's Jeremy White and Ars Technica's Mark Walton are joined by Liat Clark from Wired
and Leander Kahney from Cult of Mac to discuss the history of the iPhone and whether it really is the device that changed everything. Kahney, a former Wired
alumni, was actually at the launch event for the very first iPhone, and gives us the lowdown on what it was like to be there to witness the unveiling of the "Jesus phone."


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