DB-Engines Ranking now covers more than 300 database management systems

存储架构 2016-04-04

byPaul Andlinger, 4 April 2016

DB-Engines Ranking

By adding another 4 tools to our DBMS popularity ranking
, we now cover 303 tools.

While there were no changes in the ranks among the top 10 tools compared to last month, we do see a continuation of some trends:

Within the top 18 systems onyMySQL, MongoDB
, PostgreSQL
, Redis
,SQLite andElasticSearch could increase their popularity scores. All of them are open sourced!

MariaDB continues its steady growth in popularity, passedInformix (still one of the big names in the DBMS industry) and is now on rank 21.

Amazon DynamoDB and Microsoft Azure SQL Database
, the most popular Database-as-a-Service offerings, also improved their ranks to 25 and 28 respectively.

The systems we have introduced this month arePrestoDB, ActorDB
,PipelineDB andK-DB. All four are relational systems targeting very specific requirements like streaming data, distributive processing or adaption for country specifics.

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