Truss selected for Project Include’s inaugural Diversity and Inclusion cohort

创业投资 2016-06-10

Truss has been selected to be in the first cohort of

Project Include

’s diversity and inclusion initiative. As part of Startup Include, Truss will be part of a group of 10 tech startups and 15 VC firms focusing on best practices in building diverse and inclusive cultures. This is the first step in Project Include’s groundbreaking roadmap to promote comprehensive cultural change in tech companies.

We’re thrilled to be selected for Startup Include. We began with a diverse founding team and recruited a team of 50% women engineers, which is highly unusual in Silicon Valley. When Project Include launched, I applied immediately because of their commitment to practice, data, learning and sharing as the best levers to shift the tech industry toward diversity and inclusion.

The companies selected include: Airbnb, Asana, Clef, Managed by Q, Patreon, Periscope Data, Prek12Plaza, Puppet, Truss, Twilio, and Upserve. The venture capital firms include: 500 Startups, Blackbird, Cross Culture, Designer Fund, Homebrew, Impact, Kapor Capital, Lowercase, Lucas Point, Precursor, Reach, Scale, Trimantium, True, and Upfront.

More than 100 companies applied to become members of the inaugural cohort, and were selected based on a variety of criteria, including size, sector, geography, and commitment from the top.

Media Contact for Truss:

Media Contact for Project Include:

Heather Wilson,, 415-404-8326

Eric Wingerter,, 202-243-9995


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