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创业投资 2016-06-28

Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and (yes) Google are all product giants, but they're also in the platform game. This week, we're highlighting the differences between platform-driven and product- (or pipeline-) driven businesses/services.

Amazon especially has dominated cloud computing services with its AWS (Amazon Web Services). Here at Truss, we use AWS all the time. ALL THE TIME
. And many of our clients do too. AWS facilitates our work by allowing us to be flexible, lean, and move quickly. But if you think about Amazon's beginnings as a book marketplace, it's kind of surprising that it's now one of the preeminent on-demand computing platforms. So when a Trussel shared a post about Amazon's shift to platform services, it got us thinking about how much we rely on platforms already and how they're a growing part of our industry.

This post was accidentally publicly posted by Steve Yegge in 2011. It's been a while--Google has become a much bigger platform player since 2011--and the author's definitely verbose, but it's still relevant. Read Stevey's Google Platforms Rant
on Google+.

From the Harvard Business Review: Pipelines, Platforms, and the New Rules of Strategy
. This is a quick rundown of how businesses that traffic in platforms have been on the rise, and how their unique strengths and needs are changing the environment for pipeline-driven businesses.

This post from Forbes describes differences between the two types of services and how platforms are emerging into a more expansive economic role: What's the difference between a Software Product and a Platform?

Lastly, here's VP of Product at Optimizely about common pitfalls that product startups make when moving towards platform-driven model: Making the Shift to Platform Product Management

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