Over 300,000 pharmacy customers are now using Telus Health’s Pharma Space service

Telus Health’s Pharma Space online prescription management service now has over 300,000 users, the predominantly telecommunications-focused company has announced.

Pharma Space
is a platform used by clients like Pharmaprix, Uniprix and Accès pharma chez Walmart, which in turn offer it to their customers for managing their own prescriptions — or that of a family member’s — through features like scheduling online reminders and automatic refills.

Other consumer benefits listed for the service include efficient organization for doctor’s appointments through easily accessible medication lists and printable prescription summaries for tax returns.

Meanwhile, on the healthcare side, the platform aims to allow for better care coordination and information flow among healthcare providers.

“Patients expect to have the technology they need at their fingertips to be proactive with the management of their own health. Pharma Space enables patients to play a larger role in managing their own medications,” said Paul Lepage, president of Telus Health in a press statement.

“Consumer-focused digital health tools can have a significant impact on the health and well-being of all Canadians. When doctors and pharmacists embrace digital technology it can ensure patients stick with treatment plans and lead to better health outcomes.”

Recently, Telus Health was also selected by Canada Health Infoway as the technical solution provider for PrescribeIT
, Canada’s electronic prescription service.

Source: Telus

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